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Nova et Vetera

“NOVA ET VETERA” is Latin for “new and old”. For us, however, it is important to combine the conservative real estate industry with the  development of an innovative technology platform that coordinates renovations, efficiently allocates craftsmen, supplies buildings with materials from warehouses, and creates unique interiors in each apartment.

Since 2021, we have renovated and sold over 150 apartments, making us one of the largest suppliers of renovated apartments on the Czech real estate market.

We are funded by UniCredit Bank and by Orbit Capital, which invests exclusively in high-growth technology companies such as Rohlík.cz, Twisto or Manifesto Market. We are insured by Direct.

Our team

Vítězslav Pelc

Co-founder Víťa is responsible for our transactions and operational excellence. He is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague and former Sales Manager at two real estate developers. An ambitious and responsible leader of our team. Vítězslav is fluent in Czech, English and Russian.

Aldar Tsybyktarov

Co-founder Aldar oversees our construction projects, processes and partnerships. Prior to starting the business, Aldar was part of the global real estate team at Honeywell. He holds a Master's degree in Urban Development (Oxford) and Economics of Globalization (Brazil) and is fluent in Czech, English, Russian and Spanish.

Gábi Hoang

Head of Operations
Gábi is a head of analytical thinking and financial planning. She holds a degree in Economics and Finance from Charles University. Prior to joining us, Gábi worked at CEIP and WOOD & Company in investment, equity and financial planning. She is fluent in English, Czech, Vietnamese and German.

Zalina Khubezhova

Office Manager
Zalina oversees the organized functioning of our office and the planning of internal and external meetings with clients and suppliers. She is currently completing her master's studies in International Relations at Metropolitan University in Prague and is fluent in Czech, English, and Russian.

Tomáš Staněk

Real Estate Manager
As a real estate manager, Tomáš manages sales and negotiations with clients. As a former professional mixologist, he has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He holds a Master's degree in Economics and Business and is fluent in Czech and English and understands Russian.

Daniel Williams

Project Coordinator
Daniel is in charge of overseeing the progress and safety of our construction projects. His responsibilities include reviewing the architect's assignments, managing construction schedules, and coordinating human resources and material deliveries. Daniel obtained his MEng. in Civil Engineering from the University of Glasgow and is fluent in Czech, English, and Russian.

Tereza Uhlíková

Interior Architect
Tereza is responsible for the transformation of apartments, including designing practical layouts and original designs. She holds an M.A. in Interior Design from De Montfort University in the United Kingdom and is proficient in Czech and English.

Karel Zheng

Business Advisor
Karel Zheng acts as an external business advisor, offering expert strategic advice and supporting our commercial excellence and technological transformation initiatives. Karel brings a wealth of experience from his roles as a start-up founder, VC investor at KAYA VC, and managerial consultant at BCG.

Pavel Eleder

Business Development Moravia
Pavel is responsible for expanding our company in Moravia with a focus on Brno. Thanks to his many years of experience in sales, he oversees sales and takes part in acquiring new projects. Apart from his involvement in real estate, Pavel is highly active in volunteer activities. He holds a master's degree in molecular biology and genetics from Masaryk University in Brno.

Yevgeniya Lukyanenko

Marketing Specialist
Zhenya takes care of our company's online presentation, real estate projects, and initiatives. She actively contributes to building a positive brand reputation and seeking new clients. Zhenya is currently pursuing a master's degree in Marketing at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague and is proficient in Czech, English, and Russian.

Robert Bačák

Project Director
As Project Director, Robert oversees and manages construction projects from start to finish, including planning, budgeting, team management and ensuring the success of the renovation.

Lucie Pleschingerová

Lucie Pleschingerová serves as an accountant, managing the booking of our transactions, asset register, payroll, and depreciation schedules. With over 10 years of accounting experience, she has worked with a range of companies from start-ups to large corporations.

Jakub Hafner

External Counsel
Jakub Hafner, as External Counsel, handles our transactions, provides advice on regulatory compliance, and represents us in legal proceedings. He is a founding partner at the law firm HAFNER & PARTNERS and oversees a team of three attorneys who collaborate on our real estate acquisitions and sales.

Josef Dvořák

Financial Advisor
Josef Dvořák serves as a financial advisor, providing expert advice to us and our clients. He has a successful track record of arranging dozens of mortgages for our clients at competitive interest rates and to their full satisfaction. Furthermore, he has experience in corporate finance and consumer financial planning. Josef currently leads a team of advisors at eDo finance.

Oleksandr Kolisnyk

Construction Specialist
Oleksandr Kolisnyk is responsible for precise finishing works. He supports the coordination of our internal construction team. Originally from Ukraine, Sasha is a senior construction specialist with extensive experience in renovating interiors across multiple countries.

Igor Tepliakov

Construction Team
Igor Tepliakov is an integral part of the construction crew, responsible for various tasks on the job site. He assists in setting up and preparing construction materials, tools, and equipment. Igor plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient progress of our construction projects.

Oleg Batsynko

Construction Team

Natalia Batsynko

Natalia Batsynko is responsible for managing and ensuring the cleanliness of our properties and office. Additionally, she provides facilities management services for our clients and their leased properties.


Waste management​

We think about the environment and try to reduce our carbon footprint. We carefully segregate waste from all our construction, renovation and office projects. We work exclusively with collection yards that can guarantee recycling or environmentally friendly disposal of all waste. We place the same high demands for sustainability on our suppliers…
… When choosing building materials, we always prefer natural materials from domestic suppliers.

Support for sport

We support sport, especially pupil and junior teams. In 2021 we supported the running of the children’s teams of the Korfball Club KCC Sokol České Budějovice. Korfball is the only team ball game in which both men and women play together. The main characteristics of the game are versatility, team play, limited physical contact between players and equality between men and women in the game.

Support for education

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees were actively involved in the Computers for Kids project, which aims to provide families in need with computer technology to enable their children to study from home and use the technology to increase computer literacy and creative activities.

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