About us

Nova et Vetera

“NOVA ET VETERA” is Latin for “new and old”. For us, however, it is important to combine the conservative real estate industry with the  development of an innovative technology platform that coordinates renovations, efficiently allocates craftsmen, supplies buildings with materials from warehouses, and creates unique interiors in each apartment.

Since 2021, we have renovated and sold over 100 apartments, making us one of the largest suppliers of renovated apartments on the Czech real estate market.

We are funded by Orbit Capital, which invests exclusively in high-growth technology companies such as Rohlík.cz, Twisto or Manifesto Market. We are insured by Direct.

Our team

Vítězslav Pelc


Aldar Tsybyktarov


Gábi Hoang​

Finance Manager

Tomáš Staněk

Real Estate Manager

Sofiia Borovik

Operations Specialist

Marek Kocholatý

Project Manager

Lucie Pleschingerová


Karel Zheng

Business Advisor

Josef Dvořák

Financial Advisor

Oleksandr Kolisnyk​

Construction Specialist​

Olena Kolisnyk​


Aleš Neuman

External Counsel


Waste management​

We think about the environment and try to reduce our carbon footprint. We carefully segregate waste from all our construction, renovation and office projects. We work exclusively with collection yards that can guarantee recycling or environmentally friendly disposal of all waste. We place the same high demands for sustainability on our suppliers…
… When choosing building materials, we always prefer natural materials from domestic suppliers.

Support for sport

We support sport, especially pupil and junior teams. In 2021 we supported the running of the children’s teams of the Korfball Club KCC Sokol České Budějovice. Korfball is the only team ball game in which both men and women play together. The main characteristics of the game are versatility, team play, limited physical contact between players and equality between men and women in the game.

Support for education

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees were actively involved in the Computers for Kids project, which aims to provide families in need with computer technology to enable their children to study from home and use the technology to increase computer literacy and creative activities.